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August HOA Meeting Canceled


The Chimney Hills Estates Homeowners Association meeting originally scheduled for August 23rd has been canceled. The next meeting will be held October 25th at Hardesty Library.

Covenants, Explained


Homes in Chimney Hills Estates are govern by covenants developed in the early years of the neighborhood. Covenants are a legal document that govern what you can, can't, or must do with respect to your home. For example, they govern the style of roofing material you can have on your home and the type of fencing that is allowed, among other things.

Neighborhood covenants "run with the land" and are legally binding. This means that they subject the property itself to the conditions or restrictions contained in them. They pass with the land to any subsequent owners and remain binding on each successive owner of the property.

Because they are legally binding, the covenants are difficult to change. They require a majority of property owners, with one vote per lot, to approve any change. In the case of Chimney Hills Estates, with 611 properties, at least 306 lot owners would have to agree to any changes.


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